It is a keeper that should be consulted before the next important briefing of friendly or hostile managers, customers, clients, partners, or colleagues around the proverbial water cooler.

Daniel A. Vallero, PhD
Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering

Thought-provoking and intelligent, yet easy to read and comprehend. It is sure to add a few tools to any reader's communication skills.

Victor Anderson, attorney

Communicating Reliability, Risk and Resiliency to Decision Makers effectively presents solutions to resolve poor communication with a great combination of real-life examples and practical advice. It is an extremely informative and enjoyable to read.

Bryan B. McDonald, Professional Geologist
President, Water & Air Research, Inc

JD’s book reinforced what I thought I know about communicating, reminded me of what I forgot about communicating, and provided ideas and solid examples of improving my communications skills. Most important, the book provides a communication toolkit to successfully build your career.

John Parker
Disaster Recovery & Data Center Operations Management