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Full-Day and Half-Day Workshops

Workshops for private-sector and public-sector organizations are provided in half-day and full-day formats.  These workshop formats are provided as part of professional society conferences and/or as part of special fundraising efforts by professional societies.

The most successful approach is the full-day format provided in two parts.  Part 1 is a 4-hour session provided in the afternoon related to foundational elements.  Part 2 is a 4-hour session provided on the morning of the second day related to applying the foundational elements.  Participants have the overnight period to review their notes, work on their own case application, and refresh themselves.

All workshops are highly interactive and include participants developing their own communications approach for their own real-world problem brought from home.  Key points and summary slides are also provided to each participant.  Half-day sessions provide less detail, fewer examples, nd less examples to work the case example brought by the participant, but cover the same basic material as the full-day session.

 Customized Workshops

Customized workshops are provided only to corporate entities.  Each chapter in the book can be provided in a two-hour module that targets a specific aspect or concern of the organization.  Typically, these modules are provided in conjunction with a larger corporate initiative or program.  Modules are provided on a regular, often weekly basis, rather than over one or two days.


Webinars are provided primarily as part of professional society activities.  The standard one-hour webinar includes the key messages provided in Communicating Reliability, Risk, and Resiliency to Decision Makers.  Multi-part webinars, such as the Fundamentals of Reliability, Risk, and Redundancy, are also available.

Advanced Case Study Workshop (New in 2018)

This workshop focuses on case examples by multi-discipline participants.  It is structured for sharing advanced approaches for what works and what does not work in different real-world settings.  The pre-requisite for participating in this workshop is successful completion of a half-day or full-day workshop or the completion of a test following the reading of the book.

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